Our Fishing Charters

Cape Cod Charter Fishing is Fun and Easy with Capt. Joe Fitzback. All you need to bring is smile , cold drinks and a couple of sandwiches. Joe will have you catching striped bass in no time!

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How We Fish Cape Cod

      On my Cape Cod fishing charters, I try to show my customers how to enjoy the pleasurable experience of using light tackle to better feel the hook-up and the fight of the fish. I use 6’6” and 7’ high quality rods, the reels are Quantum Carbo and Boca 30’s and 40’s with 12 lb test big game line for casting. I use the larger 50’s for vertical jigging with 80 lb. braid. The lighter tackle allows all anglers and children to join in and experience great fishing.

      Unlike trolling on other charter boats that use heavy 6’ rods with wire line heavy reels with 8oz lead head jigs -- these require constant jigging the rod to entice a strike. On other fishing charters, when the first fish is caught, the boat still keeps going and you have to not only fight the fish but also the speed of the boat and the current. Charter Rates

      This is how Cape Fishing Charters will ensure a better experience for customers. My methods allow my customers to hold the rod and feel the fish bite. I give instruction if needed while fighting the fish, mostly to slow down when reeling in a fish to take the time to enjoy it, and feel the fish, sensing his moves. I've learned that it’s not about getting them in quickly so you can hurry and get another cast and fish. Having fun and enjoying the moment is much more satisfying.

      The excitement of watching someone catch their first fish, seeing whales breaching while fighting a striper, and to see your family's eyes as you reel in your catch. Makes my job one of the best professions a guy could ever have. I have come to enjoy the time spent with a fish on the end of your rod equally as much as I would a fish on my own.

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Fly Fishing

      We do most of our fly fishing early in the season on Cape Cod's Pleasant Bay. As the water is warmer and the bait is in abundance in all the coves and flats. We also trail to the south side and fish Stage Harbor and the Monomoy Flats when the wind is not howling out of the south west. I use custom Rods and tie our own flies which we change often as the bait is always different as the season moves on. Charter Rates

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Our Boats

We Use 4 Cape Cod Fishing Boats, based on the size of your fishing party:

#1 is a 21’ flats boat with a new 90 hp Honda 4- stroke.

#2. is a 27’ Fortier with a new 260 hp diesel Volvo engine, 160 gal fuel tank wet exhaust. With all new electronics, epirb, life raft, survival suits and all safety equipment. With head and enclosed structure, and a micro wave.

#3. Is a 28’ Boston whaler fast responder to target small tuna.

#4. Is a 42’ converted commercial fishing boat, new engine and electronics.

All of our boats are coast Guard Approved, Clean, Comfortable, and Professionally Operated for your Safety. Charter Rates

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