Before coming to the Cape I fished the south Pacific including Hawaii, then the Caribbean all the way to South America. I did a lot of fishing in Florida and the keys, both as a mate and a captain. Fly fishing was a passion for me going after all the fish that visited the flats. I came back home to Massachusetts and bought a flats boat and fished Monomoy and Pleasant Bay. I have done well, figuring out the tides and migration of our game fish in shore and off shore.

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About Cape Cod Fishing Charters

Cape Cod Charters was established more than thirty years ago in Provincetown. It was named Top Rod Charters then after a bunch of fellow anglers that met at Matt’s breakfast diner to compare (brag?) about their catch from the night’s fishing. The angler with the biggest amount of fish was seated at the head table and whatever he wanted to eat was paid for by all the other anglers. Back then this was mostly night fishing for Striped Bass. Running the beaches from Wood end to Mission Bell, it was cold, windy, and dark trying to find shore breaks and troughs, hoping to catch some fish and make some money.
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You learn a lot about yourself, and the many different ways to try and catch the fish. Now, I fish mostly for the table and share my knowledge of Cape Cod fishing with my clients. I use top of the line electronics, a fast safe boat, the best fishing gear I can put on the boat, and many years of experience searching for these fish. View the Photo Gallery.

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Cape Cod Fishing for kidsOur Charter Specialties Include:
• Striped Bass Fishing
• Tuna Fishing
• Cod Fishing
• Fluke and Flounder Fishing
• Light Tackle Fishing.

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Why Fish With Us

With all the guides and charter boats out there, why would you book my service? How is Cape Cod charters different from the others?

Our Location Is Perfect: We are at the very tip of the elbow of Cape Cod! From the dock at Ryder’s Cove, we are just 20 minutes to the fishing grounds. With the help of Mother Nature, 5 years ago a Nor’easter broke through the barrier beach near Ministers point. This break allows me to get out of Chatham’s Pleasant Bay. Once we go over the outer bar we are in prime fishing area. Nice to be fishing in a half hour with the land blocking the predominate winds from the SW.

Knowledge Is Everything
I've spent over 30 yars fishing these waters. Striped Bass fishing is king around here but there is plenty of other fish if they're not biting. I know them all and where to go if the weather doesn't cooperate. I'll make sure you come home with a boat full of some kind of fish, and even more important, a sile on everyone's face.

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